March 23, 2013


"This Is Like the Real-Life Facebook" & Other Things We Overheard at Ultra

Tim Mosenfelder
Tim Mosenfelder

Amidst a sea of neon, bedazzled bras, seizure-inducing light shows and many, many obscene shirts, there’s actually a giant music festival going on in south Florida. Ultra Music Festival, arguably the most important EDM fest in the world, is underway for weekend two at Miami’s Bayfront Park.

Bringing together all kinds of people (mostly under 25) from all over the world (Sweden and Australia reppin’ hard) and from all walks of life (read: young, attractive and barely dressed), Ultra is the place to not only discover your new favorite EDM artist (or non-EDM artist if the wub-wub-wub thing isn’t for you), but also to find out what really goes on the mind—and comes out of the mouth—of an EDM fan.

Here’s just a few things we’ve overheard at Ultra Fest this weekend.

"Dude, for real, I just got chills when you said Kaskade," - a dude to another dude in the elevator in the hotel after checking in

“Kiss me, I’m a tree,” – One Ultra fan's handmade sign

“I have a feeling you guys will have no f-cking problem dancing with me!”Sleigh Bells' Alexis Krauss before their performance of "Kids"

AVICII!” was randomly yelled out at least four times (by my count) during non-AVICII sets. 

“Are those real?” - A festivalgoer to another festivalgoer’s fiber optic bra straps

“I’m just gonna start grabbin’ a-- cheeks,” – one particularly bold Ultra fan on just how short the short shorts are at Ultra

“This is the real life Facebook. Everyone’s the star of their own movie,” – one Canadian festivalgoer who may or may not have been sober informed me

“I’ve never been here before, but I’m going to come back every year for the rest of my life!” – a 22-year-old festivalgoer who doesn’t know how life works yet

"I had to change the name on my room for security purposes," - an Ultra goer about their hotel situation

"Is that Taylor Swift's thing? That heart sh-t?" - Yeasayer responding to a fan's heart hands in the audience

"Wait, it's stuck," - an festivalgoer to another festivalgoer as he helped her with her butterfly wings


"All the nasty girls: make some f-cking noise," - MiMOSA

"Do light Instagram but lots of Twitter. Hashtag everything, dude," - traffic strategy/life tips from the press tent

"Someone tried to unhook my bra, do you remember that?" - overheard through my hotel room wall




"Miami!!!!" - Snoop Dogg every 15 minutes during his set

"Thank you, Bacardi!" - also overheard through my hotel room wall