Samantha Vincenty for Fuse

Jump Up and Down
Level: Beginner
In case you're not much of a dancer, if you find yourself at an EDM show, just jump up and down. It's very easy to do, but forewarning, drink water. That part's especially important depending on how not-sober you are.

Point Randomly at Nothing
Level: Beginner
Think less John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, more Jay-Z in concert. Every time the DJ switches the song, point to the stage as if to say, "Oh sh-t, this is my jam!"

Level: Advanced
Toprock is the series of footwork you see a break dancer doing before he actually gets on the floor and break dances. Very impressive! There is no actual break dancing involved, so your mom will be relieved. (Here's a tutorial!)

Lift an Inflatable Object in the Air
Level: Beginner
Find the wildest blow-up accessory you can and bring it to an EDM show. When the time is right, blow it up and just lift it up and down to the beat of the music. A few blow-up toys we saw at Ultra: a T-rex, a banana and Kermit the Frog.

The Throw It Down
Level: Intermediate
For this one, imagine you have the winning hand at a poker game. Imagine throwing those cards down on the table all, "In your face, suckas. Pay up." Now do that movement with your arm over and over.

Air Drums
Level: Intermediate
A classic go-to. Never goes out of style.

The Decidedly Aggressive Head Nod
Level: Intermediate
This is more like a decidedly aggressive torso nod. You're nodding your head but your upper body really gets into it.

Look at Your Phone
Level: Beginner
Don't do anything with your body at all. Just take out your phone and look at it.

The Slow Motion Slot Machine
Level: Intermediate
This one resembles the Throw It Down, but almost in reverse. Pull the lever on an imaginary slot machine, but add some swagger and put your back into it. Repeat.

The No No No
Level: Beginner
We're not really sure what all the Ultra festivalgoers are mad at, but there's a lot of head-shaking going on. For this one, shake your head "No" to the beat. Bonus points if you have a frown to your face.

Level: Expert
If you've never twerked before, an EDM festival is not the first place to try it. The twerk is kind of a NSFW full body freak out, specifically focusing on the butt. We don't want to go into too many details, but try not to do this one in front of security.

MIAMI,  FL - MARCH 23: Atmosphere as Laidback Luke  performs at the Ultra Music Festival on March 23, 2013 in Miami, Florida.
Tim Mosenfelder