March 26, 2013


Usher Is Already Playing the Bieber Card on 'The Voice'

Jonathan Leibson
Jonathan Leibson

We're only one episode into season 4 of The Voice, but new coach Usher is already dangling the Justin Bieber carrot in front of hopeful singers' eyes.

While fellow Voice newbie Shakira played it cool during last night's episode, Usher made full use of his Rolodex while trying to lure 16-year-old singer Danielle Bradbery—who wowed everyone but Shakira with her cover of Taylor Swift's "Mean"—to his team.

"I'm not promising you'll be at every Bieber concert and every awards show..." Usher told the teenage Texan, reminding her (and America) that he helped transform a Canadian YouTube sensation into an international teen heartthrob.

Sadly for Ush, he didn't nab the girl for his team. His failure might've had something to do with the fact that he said "Nashville is a state" while trying to convince the Swift-loving singer to set her sights higher than the center of country music in the U.S.

Adam Levine (naturally) cut in to tell him he got it bad on geography, but Usher didn't seem too embarrassed by the mistake. And why should he be? He is, after all, the guy who launched Justin Bieber. And he's more than happy to remind us of that.