March 18, 2013


Vampire Weekend Rock Hard for the First Time on "Diane Young"

As great as they are, Vampire Weekend don't usually surprise. Not that there's anything wrong with that! You can rely on them for a solid live set and they've yet to release a truly terrible tune. But the latest new track from the Ivy League band's upcoming Modern Vampires of the City album (which, unsurprisingly, is named after a classic reggae lyric) is a genuine shock. Because on the cleverly named "Diane Young," Ezra Koenig & Co. rock out hard.

While footage of a burning car plays in the above YouTube video, Vampire Weekend tear through this Strokes-y stomper like they were born in a garage instead of Columbia University. Chris Tomson provides machine gun-drumming, while Koenig proves he's surprisingly adept at taking the helm on a careening rock number. And whoever is doing that doo-wop bass vocal thing in the background, good on them.

Listen to it above and if you miss Vampire Weekend being all mellow and introspective, you can listen to their other new song "Step" below.