March 25, 2013


Vanessa Hudgens Continues Bad Girl Streak on New Song "$$$ex"

Vanessa Hudgens is keen to completely wipe away the pristine image she made on Disney's High School Musical. I mean, her new song is called "$$$ex" for crying out loud.

Rock Mafia (production/songwriting team who have worked with another former Disney star gone bad, Miley Cyrus) uploaded the song to their YouTube account with the description "Music inspired by the film Spring Breakers." 

But who are they kidding? Tacking on that description gives Hudgens an umbrella to sing flat-out sleazy lines like "50 in his pocket / A condom in his wallet / He's not gonna sleep tonight," not to mention a few f-bombs. The song is a fast-paced electro-rock jam that sounds like a mix of t.A.T.u. and Shiny Toy Guns. Gone is her lovely, radio-friendly delivery, replaced by shouting and seductive cooing on this stylistic 180.

It's been a few years since we last heard from Baby V. Her 2006 debut Identified was filled with sugary-sweet pop tracks like first solo single "Come Back to Me" and led to a gold certification. Her 2008 sophomore album, V, also went gold and showed some experimentation with the funky (though not very catchy) single "Sneakernight." 

Since then, Hudgens has steered clear of the Disney path with roles in more controversial flicks like Sucker Punch and now Spring Breakers. If "$$$ex" is any indication, we won't be hearing safe, innocent pop tunes from her anytime soon.