March 28, 2013


No More Yawns: Town of Boring, OR Undergoes Interventions

Joseph Cultice
Joseph Cultice

Between iPhone games, the Internet and streaming TV on basically any device on the planet, we should probably never be bored. If we really got desperate, we could even try it the old-fashioned way and go outside to entertain ourselves.

Yet we’re still bored all the time. All of us. Almost always. Just search #bored on Twitter - you’ll see what we mean.

Luckily, vitaminwater is taking it upon themselves to change that and #makeboringbrilliant. Over the course of 2013, vitaminwater is asking us to tell them when we’re bored so they can help cure us - and it starts now in (where else?) the town of Boring, Oregon.

On April 3 at 9E/6P, Fuse will be live streaming vitaminwater’s brilliance uncapped concert featuring the genre-melting lineup of B.o.B, Santigold, Matt & Kim and Yung Skeeter. The live stream will come at the conclusion of a series of interventions by vitaminwater and College Humor in the town of Boring.

The town - which, by the way, sports a sprawling population of a whopping 8,000 citizens - has recently undergone a series of changes. You know, just normal civil works type projects...

A morning flag-pole raising became a heavy metal concert. A live dinosaur was let loose upon the streets. An uninspired restaurant was transformed into a fancy culinary establishment called Le Pomme Rouge.

Hilarity ensued. Boring was made brilliant.

The brilliance uncapped concert will be broadcast at the conclusion of vitaminwater and College Humor’s interventions in Boring. It will show us just how Boring underwent its brilliant makeover and provide a uniquely varying lineup of artists.

Use the Channel Finder to locate your Fuse cable channel, or click to to stream the live performance on April 3. We’ll be watching - and we won’t be bored!