April 23, 2013


Are Mariah Carey & Miguel Collaborating? All Signs Point to "Yes"

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

Attention R&B fans: It appears that Mariah Carey and Miguel are collaborating on a new single and music video. If a series of tweets are to be believed, that is...

Here's the scoop:

Clue #1: On April 13, Mimi tweeted about Miguel:

Clue #2: Idolator reports that an assistant to video director Joseph Kahn (Britney SpearsEminemMuse) let important news slip on Twitter last weekend. "Working on a Mariah Carey + Miguel video for the man Joseph Kahn," he wrote. "Wouldn't trade this for 1,000 Coachellas." The tweet has since been deleted [eyebrow raise].

Clue #3: Kahn tweets about a "video" and a mysterious "she," just as the weekend wraps:

Clue #4: Kahn tweets with famous blogger/close Carey friend, B. Scott:

Perhaps there's a cameo from Scott or maybe he was hanging around set like friends of pop stars do? If anyone's hesitant to believe a B. Scott/Mimi friendship look no further: Mimi gave Scott a song to premiere

Clue #5: Kahn tries to be coy:

But as user @MariahCarey327 points outs, “I think we already figured it out! First name Mariah? I CAN'T WAIT!” 

Are Mariah's fans right? Are Miguel and Mimi working together on a new song video? Only time will tell, but we're expecting the official press release any time now...