April 27, 2013


Beam Her Up: Feist Plays Three Shows at Once as Hologram

It would be safe to say that Feist (the folky, indie singer-songwriter) and 2 Pac (the most legendary West Coast rapper of all-time) have veeeeeery little in common. But thanks to advances in technology they will both go down in history as having accomplished one thing: performing as a hologram.

Last night, Leslie Feist graced three Canadian cities with her "presence" at the same time. Fans attending Samsung's Galaxy S4 launch parties in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto got to watch their fellow Canadian as she materialized out of nowhere to perform "How Come You Never Go There" from her 2011 album, Metals.

According to SPIN, Samsung worked with projection company Musion on the stunt. And the smartphone giants want you to know exactly how they pulled the whole thing off; see their "making of" vid below.

Feist also has a few things to say in the video about finally living her "dream":

"To get a chance to be a hologram is kind of playing into every childhood fantasy dream of the magic of smoke and mirrors.

"[It] really lives up to a lot of my dreams in terms of the things I have been trying to do live for years."