April 8, 2013


Surprise! Bon Iver's Justin Vernon Recorded a Blues-Rock Album

Matt Kent
Matt Kent

Today in "News That Makes You Think, 'Godammit, I'm Lazy'": Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon recorded an under-the-radar album of blues-rock with his side project the Shouting Matches. Why? Because Bon Iver is "winding down" and instead of catching up on Breaking Bad episodes like a normal American hipster, Vernon decided to make a full-length blues record.

Awesomely titled Grownass Man, the 100% enjoyable LP is streaming at NPR right now. If you dig Buddy Guy and Robert Randolph, you should probably give this album the ole digital spin. And if you're headed to Coachella, catch Vernon's blues-rock trio live before he drops them and moves on to a trap music quintet called "Crunk Food."