April 11, 2013


Bruno Mars' 4 Sisters Are Getting Their Own Reality Show

Stefanie Keenan
Stefanie Keenan

The music industry is a tough slog, but sometimes hard work and stick-to-itiveness pay off. Other times, your uber-talented brother rockets to fame, which allows you and your hot sisters to land a reality show. The world is funny like that.

Bruno Mars' four sisters—Presley, Tiara and Tahiti Hernandez and Jamie Bayot—just scored their own reality show on WE tv. The upcoming series will follow the ladies as they move from Hawaii to L.A. to launch their own musical career as the Lylas, a non-Whoopi Goldberg sister act documenting four women "in four different places in their lives who all share the same dream.” 

To be fair, the sisters—who range in age from early 20s to mid 30s—aren't being coy about cashing in on Mars' fame. "We realized there was something here that we could work on and take advantage of, since we have a lot more opportunities due to our brother’s success," Bayot told the Honolulu Pulse.

Keep an eye out for The Lylas (which stands for "Love You Like a Sister," obvs) on WE tv later this year. The rumor mill is saying a mystery hitmaker just might make an appearance on the program! Our guess? Baauer.