April 10, 2013


UK Vocal Prodigy Charlotte Church Recreates Herself With Radiohead-Inspired EPs

In America, Charlotte Church was known as the pre-teen, British classical vocal prodigy who won over the world with a beautiful soprano voice. Her debut album, Voice of an Angel, was released at age 12. Fast forward to today and the 27-year-old singer is looking to conquer the indie world with five self-released experimental EPs (titled 1234 and 5). Watch the video above and get reintroduced to the singer with some choice quotes below:

The artists who brought her back to music:
"I’ve always listened to all different types of music. I just got my love back for music, which I lost somewhere along the way. I got a little bit jaded. I did do a lot when I was quite young. I just got my mojo back and found so many incredible artists who I never listened to before like Radiohead, who I’m totally obsessed with, Sufjan StevensBrand NewSigur Ros, loads of different people. I listened to quite a lot of '90s garage rock which is lush like Shudder to Think and Built to Spill. I just immersed myself in music again and it all just sort of happened."

On recreating herself:
"The last thing I released [in the U.S.] was when I was 16 and it was all the classical stuff. But in the U.K., I did some pretty crappy pop albums and I did a comedy TV show. My slate is a bit cleaner here. Because the music’s so different, and sort of alternative, people are much more willing to accept me as a musician and a credible artist, which is what I so crave. Whereas, in the U.K., it’s a little bit more difficult."

On new single “Glitterbombed”:
"After a while in a relationship, you sort of start to merge. A lot of your actions or day-to-day speech starts to merge. And with glitter, you can’t get it off. Glitter just sticks around for ages. It’s sort of about that and how awesome, and destructive, that could possibly be."