April 1, 2013


Chris Brown Denies Rihanna Split on 'Today' Show

Jon Kopaloff / Getty
Jon Kopaloff / Getty

When comeback boy Chris Brown appeared on Monday morning's Today show, the R&B singer put to rest rumors that he and Rihanna have split again. 

News that the two had broken up swept the Internet thanks to a confusing tweet from L.A.'s Power 106, which quoted Brown answering "no" to the question "are you still with Rihanna?" And although a station rep later told E! that quote was from a much older interview, Breezy himself set the record officially straight on today's Today.

"Everything is fine," Brown told host Matt Lauer, adding they were "absolutely" still a couple.

The beleaguered hitmaker also told Lauer about his 52 weeks of counseling and what it has been like "having to regain public opinion, or whatever it is." According to Breezy, he knows what he did "was wrong" and he's "never doing it again. [Rihanna] knows my heart and I know her heart."

And although Brown has put to rest his beef with Frank Ocean—he told Power 106 the alleged fight was "sensationalized and blown outta proportion"—he's still not cool with his other brawl buddy, Drake.

"[Drake] and I don’t see eye to eye. We never gonna see eye to eye, so you go your way, I’ma go mine," Brown told Hot 97's Angie Martinez of the YMCMB rapper, who the rumor mill linked to Rihanna during her split from Brown. "I don’t really try to talk about him when I’m around [Rihanna]. I just lay the pipe.”

Charming, as always. Watch the Angie Martinez interview below to hear Brown's full thoughts about the world jonesing for RiRi.