April 2, 2013


Chris Brown Is "Becoming a Man" on New Album 'X'

Less than a year after the release of FortuneChris Brown is gearing up to release his sixth album, called X, this coming fall. The album, Brown tells Fuse, is his most personal yet.

"[It's] what I've been through in my life, relationship problems, everything that I'm dealing with [and] trying to progress. It's me being honest with myself. It's me becoming on a man on record." 

He adds, "X represents something more... deep."

The album also helped Brown discover himself and his higher calling: "I think I have a bigger purpose, as far as music, and me hopefully being a role model one day."

"[I'm] making it a point to be positive [to] inspire people to achieve their dreams and inspirations," Brown says.

Watch the full video interview above.