April 2, 2013


Chris Brown Talks "Cinematic" Video for "Fine China"

Chris Brown showed off his gentlemanly side in the just-released "Fine China" clip, protecting his girlfriend, the daughter of a Chinese gangster, from a gang of thugs with his expert breakdance-kung fu moves, like a Michael Jackson-Bruce Lee hybrid. Watch the full clip below.

Brown dropped by Fuse HQ to explain the plot and treatment for the video. "I wanted to do something that was more cinematic and appealing in its entertainment aspect," Brown said. He teamed up with Sylvain White, the director of Stomp the Yard, who helped Brown bring this futuristic dance drama to life. 

"We had a great camaraderie," Brown, who co-directed the clip, explained. "This video has a lot of suspense. Fine china is delicate silver ware, but comparing that to a lady and basically saying she's priceless. It's the Chinese Triads and the dad is the leader, and I essentially steal his daughter. He has his goons chase me through the city. We go out and party and I show his daughter a great time and a different side of life."