April 3, 2013


Chris Brown's New Social Media Strategy: "Read a Book Instead"

Chris Brown has landed in hot water for comments he's posted on Instagram and Twitter. But the R&B star is ready to change up his social media game. "[It's] been a gift and a curse," he says with a laugh. "More of a curse sometimes."

He adds, "I have an opinion, everybody has an opinion. If I feel a certain way it’s good for me to read a book instead of tweeting or cursing someone out. With social media, I have to use it and utilize it to my advantage."

CB also tells Fuse about his love of graffiti art (remember, he named his third album Graffiti). "[It's] an expression of my creativity," he says of his art. "When people get a chance to see they’ll appreciate it."

Watch the video interview above, then check out a clip of Brown painting graf below!