April 20, 2013


Close That Spotify App: It's National Record Store Day!

Jeff Kravitz
Jeff Kravitz

Official Record Store Day Ambassador Jack White wants you to buy some vinyl or (gasp!) an actual CD today and he can tell you why.

"Actively venturing to your local record shop is one of those honors and privileges in this life that we just shouldn't take for granted," White said in a statement on his label Third Man Records' website.

"Certain beautiful experiences can only happen in the environment of a record store."

White is just one of many artists who are trying to get fans into independent record stores today. The shelves will be lined with special Record Store Day releases including new recordings by the likes of Tegan and Sara, Best Coast, MGMT, David Bowie and The Black Keys and reissues of classics by Joan Jett, Built To Spill, The Notorious B.I.G. and hundreds more.

We are probably most pumped about MGMT's new cassette single for "Alien Days." Hooray!!

Record Store day was created in 2007 during a gathering of independent record store owners hoping to expand awareness of their mission and necessity within communities of audiophiles.

RecordStoreDay.com says it is intended to “celebrate and spread the word about the unique culture surrounding over 700 independently owned record stores in the US and thousands of similar stores internationally.”

Check this link to find out which local stores are formally participating. And if you happen to live in (or near) Nashville, Jack White is sending out the biggest thank you of all to record store supporters: the world's only public vinyl recording booth! So get on that you lucky jerks!