April 14, 2013


8 Coachella Camping Essentials

Frazer Harrison
Frazer Harrison

For most of the country (and world), Indio, California is a long, long way to travel for a music festival. That's probably the reason a lot of Coachella festivalgoers make a road trip out of it, choosing to take a few days off and stay at the on-site camp grounds.

Your Coachella campground is almost as important as your personalized lineup—it says a whole lot about you. So here's everything you need to deck out your car and your tent for the fliest campsite at the fest.

Car Paint
You need to let everyone on the road know you're headed to Indio. The cheapest (and most legal way) to do that is by painting your car. Grab a couple cans of (temporary!) car paint and go to town on your Honda—flowers, smiley faces, swirlies, etc. Whatever the hippie in your heart desires.

Nicole James for Fuse
Nicole James for Fuse

Blow Up Pool
How many times do we have to tell you? It's HOT at Coachella. It's almost like you're in the middle of the desert or something. Oh, wait… Blow up pools are a genius way to relieve the heat, and who doesn't love a childhood throwback? Ditch the slide though. You're a little too big for that.

Canopy Tent
Set this up on your campsite, near your ride, so you and your pals can lounge in fold-up chairs and drink brews. You'll need the shade desperately—it can get into the high 110s out there. Tap into your inner Martha Stewart and decorate it with string lights and scarves. Hella ambiance in there.

Nicole James for Fuse
Nicole James for Fuse

How else is everyone supposed to know what country you're from or what school you went to? Or how excited you are for Wu-Tang's set? No, seriously, where did you get an 8-foot Wu-Tang flag? Share your secret.

Car Coolant
The last place you want to get stuck after three days of debauchery in the desert is Indio, California. It's a lovely place and all, but outside of Coachella, you might run out of things to do. Play it safe: Keep your car (and yourself) hydrated.

Field Games
Things don't really get going inside Coachella each day until the sun starts to set and the headliners come on. Bring along a few outdoor games to pass the time. Bocce ball, horse shoes, wiffle ball... We even saw a ping pong table out there.

Easiest way to make friends! Everyone loves a hot dog.

Portable Shower
Somewhere along the lines, campers got sick of smelling like three days of sweat build-up. (Ewwww.) So now they make a portable shower, which is really the best thing germaphobes who like to camp are gonna get. Maybe this one's not a must-have, but it's definitely a "really nice to have."

Or just forget the whole "roughing it" idea and go glamping. It's $3400 a night for a fancy-looking tent at Lake Eldorado on the Coachella grounds. Anyone want to tell these people a hotel would be way cheaper?

Nicole James for Fuse
Nicole James for Fuse