April 15, 2013


Disclosure Close Out Coachella With a Giant Dusty Dance Party

Karl Walter
Karl Walter

Only the brave were left standing by the time Disclosure closed out Coachella on the Gobi stage Sunday night. Heavy winds turned the Empire Polo Club into a giant dust bowl, with many people choosing to pack up and head out before the fest was over.

But no one at the Disclosure set was paying the flying debris any attention. Wearing scarves over their mouths and sunglasses to shield the sand, the crowd at Disclosure looked like a bunch of dancing bank robbers who just wanted to have a great time. And then there was the one guy in the audience dressed up like Gumby, which was probably a really effective barrier when getting pelted by flying sand. Good foresight, guy.

The Disclosure bros, Guys and Howard Lawrence, kept the party going until just after midnight, jumping feverishly back and forth from guitar to keyboards to drums to computers during their hour-long set. They ran through "some new stuff" from their as yet untitled album (due out this year), while their hits "White Noise" and "Latch," which have over 15 million views on YouTube collectively, set the crowd on fire.

Best dust bowl dance party ever? Best dust bowl dance party ever.