April 13, 2013


7 Things Coachella Virgins Must Know

Christopher Polk
Christopher Polk

Never been to Coachella? Wondering what to wear and where to eat? No problem, we got you!

If you're headed to Indio for the first time, you probably already know to pack your feather headdress and to keep your phone handy to snap a few sly photos of celebs. But below is a list of a few more things you might want to keep in mind if you're a Coachella virgin.

Hello, Gorgeous
From the grass (which is incredibly well maintained because it's usually a polo field) to the people (they're from LA, AKA #models and #actors), to the landscape (palm trees and flowers and mountains, oh my!), Coachella is probably the prettiest festival you'll ever attend. Your friends who aren't going will be jealous.

The Ferris Wheel
Not only does it overlook the entire grounds of the fest, but you can also get a good glimpse at a good portion of the Southern California desert. Not bad for $8. Pro tip: Check it out at night. All of the lit up palm trees make the festival look like a giant coloring book.

The Fashion
It's more important here than any other festival. Case in point: We spotted Japandroids' sound guy wearing suspenders and smoking and olde timey pipe... while at the mixing board. He's not even the one on stage! Also, if you're up for the challenge, Coachella's a great place to test out your new high heels. You won't be the only ones wearing them, we promise.

The Food
If the palm trees aren't enough of a giveaway, let the food at Coachella serve as a reminder that you're in the middle of health -obsessed SoCal. Gluten-free? We got you. No dairy? You're covered. Raw vegans? This is a safe zone.

It's So Clean
Not only is the grass virtually pristine, but you can almost even eat off of the garbage cans. OK, not really, but fest organizers thought concertgoers might like a little art on their garbage. Check out the receptacles for some sweet design work.

The Weather
It might be in the mid 90s during the day, but It can drop down to the low 60s after sunset. Not exactly tube top friendly. Bring a sweater!

P.S. Flies
Random fact: There are so many flies! Everywhere! Why? Is that a desert thing? We have no idea, but definitely pack some bug spray if you're not into that. Get out of here, flies! No one wants you.