April 13, 2013


The 10 Most Luxe Snacks at Coachella

Nicole James for Fuse
Nicole James for Fuse

We're just going to come out and say it: The food at Coachella is better than the food at any other music festival. While most fests offer various healthy-looking gyro plates and fresh squeezed lemonade, were pretty sure Coachella's the only festival where you can get a fresh sushi roll and a strictly vegan fresh young coconut. (What even is that?)

Take a look at the 10 most luxe snacks we came across at Coachella. You'll never eat another fest hot dog again.

Turkey and Veggie Dogs Corn dogs? Hot dogs? Psh, what is this, the Iowa state fair? Yeah, right. You're in California.

Nicole James for Fuse
Nicole James for Fuse

Iced Coffee Because beer is too many calories. And coffee is fashionable, duh. Load it up with all of your essential fixin's, including sugar in the raw and soy milk. 

Coffee Ice Cream It's not even part of the iced coffee station - totally separate! Somehow, only coffee ice cream is sold there.

Organic Salad Rarely can you go to a music festival and keep your Weight Watchers Points in check. But Coachella not only offers salads (win), they're also organic (win win).

Nicole James for Fuse
Nicole James for Fuse

Shaved Ice... With Their Own Flavor Stations If you were ever going to eat shaved ice with flavored syrups that come out of a community barrel, Coachella's probably the cleanest place you can do it. 

Steak This isn't your dad's run-of-the-mill BBQ; this steak is from Ruth's Chris. In case you want desert, they also offer bread pudding. 

Mahi Mahi Sliders Red meat is a rarity at Coachella. It's all tofu and green things and, occasionally, fish. Indulge!

Raw Food I was too scared to get to close to these entrees, but they are apparently "real" raw entrees, meaning nothing is cooked over 118 degrees. So says the person working the booth... about 118 times.

Sushi Yes, sushi. Raw fish in the middle of the desert where it can reach temperatures of 110+ degrees? Sounds like a great idea.

Strictly Vegan Fresh Young Coconut Because non-vegan fresh young coconut is just unacceptable.