April 15, 2013


7 Unfortunate Things You Might Have Lost at Coachella

Christopher Polk
Christopher Polk

Coachella 2013: You came, you saw, you conquered… and you probably lost something along the way. You started out the weekend with good intentions - you came from near and far to catch the Stone Roses or lay in the field and eat a bunch of fancy campground food.

But if you had at least half the fun you should have, you're probably going home with a little less than what you came with. Especially after that epic wind storm that turned Coachella into a giant dust bowl Sunday night.

Here's a list of a few things that might be gone forever, lost somewhere in Indio, CA.

Your Lighter
Indio Police threw festivalgoers a bone this year by instating "Amnesty Boxes" at the entrance gates. They allowed attendees to dispose of any drug paraphernalia that was found during a search instead of immediately shipping them off to jail. So your lost lighter isn't that big of a deal after all, isn't it?

Nicole James for Fuse
Nicole James for Fuse

Your Feather Earring
Oh no! Too bad you didn't ask one of the other 60,000 girls in attendance to loan you one. They definitely had an extra you could borrow.

Your Weave
I wasn't able to snap a pic, but I saw a lone track of hair sadly waiting for her owner to find her in the grass. R.I.P. weave.

Nicole James for Fuse
Nicole James for Fuse

Your Studded… Something
I have no idea what this is, but someone's looking for it. Could be a strip of studs from a bustier or a fanny pack? Or is this drugs? I don't know.

Your Phone
Noooooooo! For those unlucky souls who may have lost their most prized posession while EDM dancing at Hardwell, we're sorry. But the good thing is Coachella has a lost and found on their website. Good luck finding it... but your phone's probably being sold on eBay right now.

Nicole James for Fuse
Nicole James for Fuse

Half of Your Sunglasses
How does that even happen?

Your Weekend
We're sure you're not the only one. At least you took pictures!