April 15, 2013


"Do I Have a Grass Stain on My Ass?" & More Brilliant Coachella Pickup Lines

Michael Buckner
Michael Buckner

With so many pretty people running around Coachella (which might come as a surprise to you Coachella virgins), it's no wonder we overheard so many people trying to get their mack on. It's like all that Vitamin D goes to their heads and they can't help but hit on everyone they come across. It also doesn't hurt that Coachella turns into a beautiful, Day-Glo wonderland after dark. Romance!

Check out a few hilarious pickup lines we heard around the Coachella Valley (and a few we wish would be erased from our minds forever).

"Are you VIP or general admission?" The ultimate Coachella neg."

"Are you here for one weekend or two?" Coachella's version of "When can I see you again?"

"HAPPY COACHELLA!" Only try this one at the end of the night, fellas. And you kind of have to scream it at a girl as she's already walked past you. Add a sheepish wave as well.

"Hey, do you have a lighter?" A classic for the traditionalists. When in doubt, use this one.

"Do I have a grass stain on my ass?" Very subtle, girls.

"Where did you get those Mahi Mahi sliders?" We could actually write a whole post on the food-based pickup lines at Coachella. There's so much good stuff to eat!

"Hey! Where you going? Get your tits back over here by me." Ladies and gentlemen, the douche of the century.