April 13, 2013


The Best Overheard Quotes From Indio, CA's Polo Grounds

Karl Walter
Karl Walter

"I've only almost gone over the side of the highway like three to five times," - A native Los Angelino explaining the perils of car culture 

"Hey man, get off your phone. I'm standing right here, you want a [traffic] ticket? Dumbass..." - A friendly traffic cop outside of the festival

"Should we just go to Alt-J?" - Japandroids fans during their longer than expected sound check 

"Wanna meet by the Ferris wheel?" - Everyone

"What the f-ck, dude?" - Bro
"Bro!" - Dude 

"This song is about L-O-V-E... LOVE!" Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O before shredding through "Maps"

"I kill this song on the drums when we play this on Rock Band," - A Yeah Yeah Yeahs fan and Brian Chase wannabe

"I really feel like marriage is supposed to be a best friendship," - Deep thoughts in line for the Ferris wheel

"What the f-ck is up, Coachellaaaaaa!" - Earl Sweatshirt approximately 15 times

"What's up, Earl? Westside!!" - How Tyler, the Creator says hi to his friend Earl Sweatshirt

"No, I brought the Chanels," - A festivalgoer slumming it by bringing her "crappy" sunglasses

"It's our first show in six years! They let us out!" - Violent Femmes

"Wait, what's a gyro?" - A girl who lives the saddest life ever. (She's never had a gyro?!)

"This is f-cking EDM! And I am so happy!" - Benni Benassi during his set. (We believed him.)

"You should all be kissing by now for God's sake!" - Jessie Ware halfway through performing "Sweet Talk"

"I just had an orgasm at Paul Oakenfold," - Someone who really, really likes Paul Oakenfold

"Last year it was cold but it wasn't this windy," - Truest story ever

"My brother wrote the movie How High," - Oh, the people you'll meet in VIP

"I feel like I'm in Lawrence of Arabia," - Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea on the crazy dust storm that closed out Coachella