April 13, 2013


What to Do Between Sets at Coachella

Christopher Polk
Christopher Polk

We don't know what's a worse scenario at Coachella - all three of your favorite acts going on at the same time, or having three hours to kill between the acts you paid lots of money to travel to the middle of the California desert to see.

We can't really help you out with that first problem (enjoy fewer bands?), but we do have a few Coachella-specific tips for navigating those  hours between your must-see sets. 

The Ferris Wheel 
You gotta do it! You can look over the entire festival grounds and what looks like half of the state of California when you're at the very top. Eight dollars well spent.

People Watch
They're just so pretty. After all, the City of Angels (and models and actors) is only a 90-minute drive away. Coachella is like a "what to wear to music festivals" slide show come to life.

Celeb Watch
Yes, it's different than people watching - celebs are famous, duh. In one sitting I saw MTV reality star Whitney Port, Fuse News' own Jack Osbourne, model Chanel Iman and maybe that girl from The Carrie Diaries. Oh, and a guy that looked exactly like Sean White. Hey, it's more than you see on the way to work.

Whatever you're craving, Coachella's got it... unless it's over 600 calories. At most festivals it's almost impossible to come across anything that looks like it once grew out of the ground, but this fest is a different story. These festivalgoers prefer organic salads and agave margaritas over hot dogs and homemade lemonade. 

Hula Hoop
Because why not? Just make sure you're flower headband doesn't come off. You're whole outfit would be ruined! 

Get Misted
In the middle of the Do LaB, Coachella's infamous dance tent/art installation, there's a shirtless dancing bearded man who sprays you with water while electronic music plays. It's exactly what it sounds like, and a sweet way to beat the heat.

Get Schmoozed
There's definitely no shortage of people willing to sit you down for an hour to tell you all about their new movie project/rap song/art collective/app launch, etc, and see if you can help spread the word in any way. Never change, L.A.

Charge Your Phone
It's just a smart thing to do.

Admire Some Art
From the giant mechanical T-Rex (that doubles as a recycling machine) to the simple string of lit-up balloons canopying the entire fest, take a break from the music to look at pretty things scattered throughout Coachella grounds. Even the garbage cans are painted with designs.

With that kind of setting, Coachella should just change its name to "Instagram: The Festival." How could you not take pictures of it!