A Day in the Life of Heavy Metal Kings Stone Sour

As Iowa metal band Stone Sour celebrate the recent release of their fifth album House of Gold & Bones – Part 2, the group give us an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at their inner workings and touring process. In Fuse Follows, Corey Taylor and Co. take us backstage before a recent show at New Jersey's Wellmont Theatre to discuss matters both prosaic and profound.

In part one above, the group tell us about their pre-show rituals and describe their daily routine as the headliners of Revolver Magazine's Road to the Golden Gods tour. And it's not all rock star performances and backstage parties. The decadence and depravity of your imagination is laid bare by the trivialities of bad coffee, ineffective deodorant and lots of waiting around, though we do get to see the inner workings of the Stone Sour tour bus.

"I hate touring without my family," Taylor says. "Touring without them is like splitting my soul in half. The only real enjoyment I get out of this is the shows. If I could go home every night, I would. It's getting to that point in my life where I'm going to have to figure some stuff out. Is it worth being away from my son? He's growing up without me and that's breaking my heart."

The magnanimous frontman hardly hides away backstage, though. He visits fans before the show and even calls one fan's wife to offer up some words of encouragement for their sick daughter.

In part two below, follow bibliophile Taylor into a local vintage bookstore, where the singer hunts down old copies of Les Miserables. We also get to see guitarist Josh Rand's guitar collection, listen to the band's pre-show sound check and follow the guys as they meet and greet fans right before the show.

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