April 10, 2013


Daft Punk To Debut 'Random Access Memories' in Tiny Aussie Village

Marc Grimwade
Marc Grimwade

Daft Punk's new album Random Access Memories, which has been unveiled to the world via a promo campaign so cryptic it puts J.J. Abrams to shame, will make its audio debut in the least likely place imaginable: Wee Waa, the cotton capital of Australia.

The French duo's latest album—which features an impressive list of rumored and confirmed collabos with various A-listers—will play to a town of 2,100 during the Wee Waa Show, an annual festival that also features mouse racing and "lolly drops."

But don't think Wee Waa will be overwhelmed by the sudden international attention. Wee Waa Show Society President Brett Dickinson told an Aussie paper that the "horse section" of their yearly fest "attracts a lot of out-of-towners." And the ute muster brings together utility vehicle enthusiasts of every religion, race and orientation.

Although it's not yet known if the elusive duo will be there in the flesh (or circuitry, as may be the case), there are plenty of other attractions at the Wee Waa Show worth your time. For example:

-Wood Chop Competition

-Clown Troupe

-Ute Muster

-Buzz's Lolly Drop

-Mouse Racing Challenge

-Farmers Challenge

Hopefully the "farmers challenge" is the inverse of the "mouse racing challenge," which means tobacco-chewing mice will place bets on the locals in a frightening vision of the post-nuclear world to come.