April 3, 2013


Deerhunter Debut "Monomania" on 'Late Night'

Atlanta's indie weirdos Deerhunter are back with a new album and new look, which the Bradford Cox-led quintet debuted live Tuesday on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Watch above at the 37:00 mark.

The band eschew the more ethereal, atmospheric sound of their previous work, including 2010's Halcyon Digest, for a more raucous, unhinged punk blitz. There are even elements of '70s New York punk icons, like the Ramones and Richard Hell, in Cox's new onstage alter-ego, Connie Lungpin, who sports a leopard-print button-up shirt, vampire teeth and a black wig, and whose bloody hand was bandaged and missing a few fingers. 

It's a sight to behold: The rail-thin Cox squirming and freaking out while the band chugs away. After his vocals, Cox is seen walking down the halls of the show's set. Badass.