April 14, 2013


DMX Explodes At Son On Air

DMX has a history of drug addiction and anger management but it seems appearing on Oprah’s OWN network’s show Iyanla: Fix My Life with his son, Xavier, did not in fact fix his life. Instead, the entire thing turned into a broadcasted hot mess full of expletives and screaming.

While the 90-minute show did manage to tackle DMX's issues with drugs, women and his arrest record (according to the New York Times, the singer has been arrested for possession of crack cocaine, animal cruelty and impersonating a federal agent), things started to devolve when 20-year-old Xavier tried to tell his father about his feelings concerning their rocky past.

DMX quickly went on the defensive and Vanzant, trying to play peacemaker, urged the musician to let his son finish. The result was an expletive heavy tirade against the host for butting in.

The “spiritual teacher”/ host then lashed back at DMX:

“Lower your voice. Pump your brakes. Pump your brakes, brother. This is the only thing I want to say: He’s trying. He’s not feeling heard by you, X. Let him finish a sentence.”

Other highlights included Xavier telling his father: “It felt like you were a liar and a hypocrite.” And the piece de resistance came in the form of DMX exploding (when pushed too far) at Vanzant and yelling:

“Lady, shut the f---- up!” “Stop running your mouth!”

DMX did reach out to JET Magazine in the aftermath to explain his side of the story. And (unsurprisingly) he’s not the biggest fan of Iyanla Vanzant. He also spoke quite candidly (with equally colorful language) to JET magazine’s senior editor, S. Tia Brown, about his struggle with substance abuse, his standing on fidelity, his strained relationship with Xavier and why he really regrets appearing on Iyalana: Fix My Life.

Here’s hoping DMX and his son can get some actual help; maybe try a psychologist and skip the networks next time?