April 22, 2016


12 Ultra-Green Musicians & The Causes They Support

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It's April 22, which means... Happy Earth Day, y'all!

It's time to celebrate Mother Earth and remember to treat her well, because she's very, very good to you. Many musicians are already on top it—and not just one day per year.

To help protect the earth and promote eco-friendly action, Fuse is highlighting 12 of the greenest musicians and the causes they support. Some drop big cash—like Justin Timberlake funding a $16 million eco-friendly golf course—while others offer simple, but effective ideas for going green—see Jason Mraz's Instagram tips. But their goal is the same: a clean, healthy, sustainable planet.

Check out Fuse's ultra-green musicians and keep the Earth Day celebrations going with these 20 environmentally friendly songs

#1Green Day
  • Partnered with Natural Resources Defense Council for the "Move America Beyond Oil" campaign, which offers solutions for U.S. oil dependence.
  • Recorded several YouTube videos voicing support for environmental protection, smarter energy policies and how fans can make easy contributions.
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