April 9, 2013


YouTube's Epic Rap Battles: 10 Suggestions for Upcoming Bouts

#1Are You Ready to Rumble?!

Half a billion views and four million subscribers: No, it's not Lady Gaga's YouTube account; it's Epic Rap Battles, a hilarious viral video series that pits musically-included actors, posing as famous cultural personalities (musical or otherwise), in rap battles against each other. You will laugh... hard.

Since its start in 2010, the series has portrayed many an epic battle: Frank Sinatra vs. Freddie Mercury (21 million views), Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley (29 million) and even President Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney (62 million!). The numbers speak for themselves.

The latest battle: EDM button-pusher Skrillex vs. classical musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus. It dropped yesterday and in under 24 hours has already racked up 2.5 million views. People love these videos, including the Fuse staff. So we brainstormed the 10 battles we'd love to see, along with the projected winner. Round 1: Ben Gibbard vs. Slayer's Kerry King! 

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