April 27, 2013


Everyone Wants a Piece of Giorgio Moroder After Daft Punk

Gregg DeGuire
Gregg DeGuire

Seems like Giorgio Moroder owes Daft Punk his first-born (or at least, like, a Harry and David gourmet gift basket).

The Random Access Memories track "Giorgio By Moroder" is both an homage to the Italian synth pioneer and a collaboration. And it looks like the ungodly amount of hype surrounding the upcoming album has given Moroder's career more than a little boost.

"Since the publicity of the Daft Punk song, which is not even out yet, it's like everybody wants me now," Moroder said in an interview with Billboard.

The songwriter and performer is currently mulling over a number of different offers from management companies.

"I'm sure once I go with one I'm going to have a lot of work," he said.

Moroder is also a famed producer who orchestrated some of Donna Summer's greatest hits. But he is eager to meet the demands of the current EDM culture and is working with a number of megawatt names—one of the biggest being Avicii. Moroder said that the EDM star even gave him quality advice in a recent songwriting session:

"He gave me some tracks and I put a melody on them and said, 'Look, you make nice money doing these shows, but one day you're in New York and the day after you're in Paris, then you're in Rio,'" the 73-year-old said. "I'm not the youngest one. I may try and do the bigger events, one a month maybe."

So, Giorgio Morodor at The Electric Daisy Carnival? Where do I sign up?!!