April 12, 2013


Frank Ocean's "Lost" Is the Indie Counterpoint to Bieber's New Video

Hot on the heels of Justin Bieber's globe-trotting "All Around the World" video, Frank Ocean has dropped "Lost," the 16mm indie counterpart to JB's glossy travelogue.

The latest Channel Orange clip plays like home movie footage from the relatively private R&B singer and catches him and his entourage (including Tyler, the Creator) roaming the planet via planes, cabs and skateboards. It's a lot like the meditative, planet-roaming documentaries of recently deceased French filmmaker Chris Marker. Which is not something anyone will ever say about a Justin Bieber video.

Highlights include Ocean flaunting his pearly whites at the 34-second mark and rocking a Kermit the Frog tee at 1:05. Watch the understated video above.