April 5, 2013


Goodie Mob Set Release Date for New Album 'Age Against the Machine'

Kevin Mazur
Kevin Mazur

UPDATE (6/4): The group announced that Age Against the Machine will be released on August 27. So much for summer listens. Sigh.

Members of Southern hip hop group Goodie Mob have been talking about their new album Age Against the Machine for a minute. But as the manager for founding member Cee Lo revealed to Fuse, the group have officially slated June 18 for the album's release.

"When he's not on stage [for Las Vegas show Cee Lo Is Loberace], he's in the studio down the block making music for the new Goodie Mob record and the new Cee Lo Green album coming in October," Cee Lo's manager Larry Mestel tells Fuse.

It's been nine years since the group released their last album One Monkey Don't Stop No Show and 14 since founding member Cee Lo appeared with the group on 1999's World Party.

"It's future-sounding," says Mestel. "It's not really what you would think Goodie Mob would be. I think people will be surprised in a positive way when they hear it." Mestel also revealed that the group is planning on putting together a tour to support the album.

In January, Cee Lo told Fuse that the album was "pretty much done." "It's definitely progressive," said the rapper/singer. "I think that we've grown a great deal in the last 10 years. There's a lot more to consider. There's a broader audience and a greater aspiration to reach as many people as we can; To be as relatable and to be as real, relevant and resourceful as we can. Age Against the Machine is symbolic of wisdom being a weapon of choice."

Cee Lo was quick to shoot down rumors that the band had internal issues that forced him to leave the group in 1999. "We've never severed ties," said Cee Lo. "We are family. We are flesh and bone committed to each other and joined at the hip. It was just a long, extended professional hiatus and, of course, stating the obvious, I went out into the world and became somebody. And now i got a chance to bring some of that success back home and share it. Invest it right back into the family business."

The group has been been working on the new album since 2009, but Cee Lo says that "prior engagements and preoccupations" have caused the new album's delay. "We were all trying to get together and really live in the moment," he said. "It was harder to do and that's been the most difficult part about getting together after so much time."

The wait is now officially over.

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