April 30, 2013


Hoodie Allen & Kina Grannis Perform New Collabo "Make It Home" & Walk the Moon's "Anna Sun"

Fuse isn't only in the music biz. We're also avid humanitarians, which is why we hooked independent rapper Hoodie Allen up with independent singer-songwriter Kina Grannis: We did for you guys, the readers (thank us later!).

We invited Los Angeleno Kina out to kick it with Hoodie when he was in New York City recently, and the world got an original new collabo out of the deal: "Make It Home." Check out the pair's first live performance of the track above. 

About the making of "Make It Home," Kina admitted, "You never know [when working on a collaboration with someone new]. Sometimes, they happen really naturally and really fast. And sometimes, it's like pulling teeth and incredibly awkward. So you never know... but it was wonderful." Hoodie Allen and Kina Grannis: new BFFs.

Hoodie and Kina also covered one of our favorite songs of 2012, Walk the Moon's "Anna Sun." Kina slowed the track down, keeping true to the original while Hoodie mashed up his All American track, "Small Town." Check out the performance below.