April 22, 2013


Jay-Z Teases 'Great Gatsby' Track "100$ Bill"

With the arrival of Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby less than three weeks away, fans of the film's soundtrack have been clamoring to hear anything from the eclectic lineup. Last week, we got Fergie's middling "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody" alongside 30-second snippets of nearly every track. But now Jay-Z, the soundtrack's executive producer, has released a snippet of "100$ Bill," one of the few Gatsby songs yet to be released in some form. 

Over a thumping, multi-percussive beat, Jay boasts about being the "Malcolm of the talcum" and manages to weave in references to JFK, Einstein and the Honeymooners in a single verse. For non-hip hop fans pining for even a scintilla of info about the movie, Jigga juxtaposes his verses with dialogue from the film. Now where are those damn Prince and Gaga songs?