April 17, 2013


Justin Bieber Posts Cartoon of Self in Bed With Topless Belieber

Photo Credit: Justin Bieber/Instagram
Photo Credit: Justin Bieber/Instagram

Apparently feeling the fan/fantasy object relationship between a Belieber and Justin Bieber wasn't clear enough, the man himself posted a cartoon to Instagram to rectify that oversight.

In the scenario, an animated Bieber lies in bed (shirtless, natch) lovingly caressing a topless Belieber snuggled up against his abs.

Finally! He's getting around to addressing the controversy around his comments at the Anne Frank House, right?

The cartoon itself is extremely explicit. In that it explicitly labels the Justin Bieber cartoon "Justin" and the overjoyed girl "Belieber." Well, subtlety isn't a strong point of most 19-year-old boys.