April 13, 2013


Karen O Calls Out Lady Gaga for Lack of Authenticity

Mark Metcalfe
Mark Metcalfe

Karen O is quite keen on loud colors, festive costumes and wild make-up but don’t call her Lady Gaga. When the singer was asked by the Guardian about perceived style similarities and whether or not Miss O felt any kinship towards the Mother Monster, she responded emphatically:

“No, no no! I feel there’s a core authenticity or originality lacking there. It’s so referential.”


 But that’s not all. She went on to add: 

“I mean, everything is referenced, but when you read Just Kids by Patti Smith, there’s idol worship towards poets or Jim Morrison or whoever but it seems to be processed through her filter and it ends up becoming very Patti Smith. That’s different from just picking what you like from what other people do and presenting it as your own.”

So, I’m guessing we won’t be seeing a Gaga, Karen O collab anytime soon? Good thing we've still got a shot at one with Psy!