April 12, 2013


Kelly Clarkson Performs on 'American Idol,' Has "A Moment" With Mariah Carey

American Idol's Season 1 champion Kelly Clarkson returned to the show that made her a star to perform new single "People Like Us" last night, and there was an unexpected bonus at the end.

Pre-performance, Idol brought us back 12 years to 2001 with a montage of the Texas native auditioning, competing and winning the first season.

Following that, the pop-rocker nailed a live rendition of "People Like Us" with her makeup, clothes, earrings and eyeliner glowing on the darkened Idol stage. She also had a glowing hashtag painted on her arm #PLU (for "People Like Us") that actually conflicted with Idol's hashtag popping up on the screen's corner (#KellyOnIdol). Who's managing social media over there?!

Confusing Twitter lingo aside, the best moment of the night came post-performance when Clarkson and the show's current judge, Mariah Carey, had a little onstage gush fest. 

"It's so nerve-wracking in front of Mariah Carey!" Clarkson yelled after finishing. Mimi consoled Clarkson's worries, though, by getting up and giving her an onstage hug. "Having a moment," Kelly said with a goofy, love-struck expression. 

Mariah gave her fellow big-voiced diva a major co-sign when she told Kelly, "Darling, I need your opinion on some new stuff!"

Clarkson also reminded Randy Jackson of the first time he brought Clarkson and Carey together: "Randy, you introduced me to her, she's so nice! I'm so glad you're not mean." Mimi's response? "Oh, please!" (Unfortunately, the camera didn't zip to a reaction from Nicki Minaj)

All in all, we love it when our divas share their talent and exchange compliments with each other. Check it all out above.