April 5, 2013


Like Most of Us, Kelly Rowland Doesn't Remember Her Super Bowl Performance

Ezra Shaw
Ezra Shaw

Kelly Rowland swung by New York's Breakfast Club radio show yesterday and revealed how much she has in common with the average person. For instance: Just like most of the nation, she doesn't remember Kelly Rowland being at the Super Bowl either.

"I don't remember what happened on stage," Rowland told Power 105.1 about orbiting Beyonce at this year's Super Bowl. "I remember looking at my feet before I went through the chute and that was it."

Rowland said the next thing she recalls is being congratulated downstairs after the Destiny's Child reunion had passed. "It was a moment that was so surreal," Rowland said. "I'll never know what [performing at the Super Bowl] felt like."

The Breakfast Club crew also prodded Rowland about her oral sex-themed new single, "Kisses Down Low." But despite releasing a song about her love of receiving cunnilingus, Ms. Rowland would clearly rather sing than chat about it.

When they asked her to give guys tips on traveling down under, Rowland collapsed in nervous laughter and would only offer this advice: "I think it's important that you know what you're doing."

Listen to "Kisses Down Low" below and watch the awkward, hilarious interview over here.