April 19, 2013


Ke$ha Has the Worst Timing Ever

Jeffrey Mayer
Jeffrey Mayer

While Ke$ha is still trying to pry one foot out of her mouth, now the other one's in her way. The singer released her first Warrior single, "Die Young," at the worst possible time—just over a month before the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn. that took the lives of 26 children. It was subsequently dropped from radio stations nationwide following the tragedy.

Today, Ke$ha's released the Will.i.am remix of another Warrior track, "Crazy Kids"... The same day there is a national manhunt for the alleged 19-year-old bomber of the Boston Marathon. [Insert sad trombone here.]

Obviously the track has nothing to do with what happened in Boston. Like most of Ke$ha's music, "Crazy Kids" is an amped up pop song about living in the moment: "'Cause you know the party never ends/ And tomorrow we gonna do it again/ We the ones that play hard, we live hard, we love hard, we light up the dark." 

But as Ke$ha whispers the eerie chorus throughout the song—"We are the crazy people"—we can't help but cringe. 

Our advice to K-dawg? Just... don't release any more singles for the foreseeable future.