April 10, 2013


Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace Reflects on First Year Living as a Woman

Noel Vasquez
Noel Vasquez

Against Me!'s Laura Jane Grace has been an open book since coming out as transgender in the May 2012 issue of Rolling Stone. Almost a year after her public confession, she's sharing some (very) intimate details of what her first year of living as a woman has been like in Cosmopolitan. And she gets right down to the nitty-gritty.

After she completed five months of therapy with a doctor who specialized in gender, Laura was OKed by an endocrinologist to begin hormone treatments. "Holding those three little pills in my hand for the first time on May 11, 2012, was a turning point. I'd spent many sleepless nights leading up to that moment, thinking over exactly what I had decided to do." 

She goes to explain what exactly the pills do to her, physically: "[They] softened my skin, made my hair grow faster, and redistributed some of my body fat—my arms slimmed down and weight moved from my chest to my hips. And yes, I'm starting to develop breasts (I'm pretty sore at the moment)."

Laura also gets really candid about the part everyone wants to know about: her sex life. The "Transgender Dysphoria Blues" rocker admits she and her wife are about to enter new territory when it comes to intimacy... but they're ready for the challenge. 

"I've always loved sex with my wife, and I want that to continue... Eventually, [the hormones] will cause me to lose the ability to get an erection, and at some point, I want to have full sex-reassignment surgery, which entails removing the male genitalia and creating a vagina and clitoris. 

"When my body changes, will Heather still find me attractive? Will she still want to have sex with me? How will I continue to have sex with my wife if I can't get hard? I've thought through this question over and over. The answer, simply put, is the way any other lesbian couple would. We'll just have to figure out what feels good."

As for the most important part—wearing a mini skirt—Laura understands just how much confidence can come from a tiny piece leather. "Face your fears, I say, but choose the right skirt to do it in."