April 3, 2013


Listen: Paramore Reveal Four More Songs From New Album

Paramore is rolling out their self-titled album piecemeal this week—and now we have four new tracks!

Yesterday, we heard the record’s first four songs and now we have cuts No. 5 through 8. It’s all being revealed via a four-part video series before the April 9 release.

The first song played was interlude "Moving On" (at 1:25) featuring a simple ukulele backing as frontwoman Hayley Williams sweetly sings, "I could be angry, but you’re not worth the fight / Besides I’m moving on.” Could that be a jab at their former bandmates Josh and Zac Farro, who left the group in late 2010?

Next is "Ain’t It Fun" (2:55) on which listeners will hear what guitarist Taylor York called "Hayley doing some Whitney Hosuton, Mariah Carey-esque wailin.’” It features an unexpected gospel chorus and with, yes, Williams belting like her life depended on it.

"Part II" (7:51) is a song the band explained is "part two of a song they've already done." Paramore fanatics commenting on the video are convinced it's the follow-up to "Let the Flames Begin," an album track from 2007 album Riot! The fun.-sounding “Last Hope” (12:32) finishes the series.

The Side C tracks drop Wednesday night.