April 21, 2013


Listen to MGMT's New Single "Alien Days"!

Since releasing a teaser video preview last week in anticipation of their upcoming Record Store Day cassette single, we have been patiently waiting (with our hands folded neatly in our laps!) for the chance to hear the full version of "Alien Days."

The single is our first peak at what might be waiting for us come June when MGMT's follow-up to 2010's Congratulations finally drops—"Alien Days" will be featured on the album as well.

Now, the wait is over. Pop on those headphones and prepare for take-off. A trippy, synth-filled sonic world awaits.

As the band's Andrew VanWyngarden explained to Rolling Stone

"Alien Days" is "about that feeling when a parasitic alien is in your head, controlling things."

What better thing do you have to do on a Sunday than let parasitic aliens into your head?! Listen up!