April 8, 2013


Listen to The Flaming Lips’ New LP ‘The Terror’ Now

It’s Monday and no one is happy about that. Good thing the Flaming Lips just offered up free streaming (one week early) of their latest, gloomy LP The Terror—an apt musical companion for everyone’s least favorite day of the week. The album, out officially April 16, is a drastic departure for the Lips’ characteristically confetti-filled sonic worlds.

In an interview with Fuse last month, multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd described the album as “bleak,” “disturbing” and a “sustained bummer.” Drozd explained that the tone and content of the album were inspired by his relapse and resulting “crisis of life confidence” as experienced by both Drozd and singer Wayne Coyne.

But he also said that it’s one of the first records they have done in quite some time that he actually wanted to listen to on a regular basis. “Usually we do a record and I don’t want to listen to it for a year. But I’m really enjoying it,” Drozd said.

“There are certain records that I like to put on when I’m in a bummed out mood," he said. "Even though they’re depressing the sound makes me feel connected to something. I get some emotional lift from it. I hope this is one of those records. You can put it on and be like, 'Oh, someone else feels this way too.'"

And with song titles like “You Are Alone,” “Butterfly, How Long It Takes To Die” and “Turning Violent,” it's fairly clear there will be no dancing pink robots. But that doesn’t mean this album is any less beautiful. Just be prepared for ethereal and haunting rather than dance party.

And if the Oklahomans’ new direction gets you too down, just keep in mind that Lip$ha is just around the corner.

For a full song-by-song break down by the Lips' themselves, see below: