April 12, 2013


LL Cool J Puts "Accidental Racist" in the "Context of Trayvon Martin"

Another day, another attempt to explain what was running through the minds of LL Cool J and Brad Paisley when they recorded, approved of and released their unusual collabo "Accidental Racist."

LL Cool J stopped by The Tonight Show yesterday to chat about the "is it or isn't it racially insensitive?" track with noted race relations expert Jay Leno.

"I can't defend the song but I can clarify the intention," Ladies Love Cool James told Leno. After admitting the six-minute track "wasn't perfect" and pointing out "you can't fit 300 years of history into one song," LL addressed the song's strangest (some would say stupidest) lyric, "If you don't judge my du-rag, I won't judge your red flag."

"I would never, ever compare history of the Confederate flag to the du-rag, especially when you think about the rapes, torture, lynchings associated with the flag," LL promised. "However, when you think about a kid like Trayvon Martin—when you think of things that happen in society based on clothing—when you put it in its proper context, it makes sense."

LL went on to say that although "systemic racism exists" and slavery should never be forgotten, he believes "putting down some of that baggage will help you make it up that hill a little easier."

Regardless of whether you agree with LL's logic, you gotta give him credit for producing a better answer than what Paisley told Ellen DeGeneres when she asked him about the song's meaning. His response? "I don't know!"