April 25, 2013


Madlib Releasing New Rarities Album as Alter Ego Quasimoto

While insanely prolific hip hop producer/rapper Madlib has steadily released countless tracks both under his own name and as producer for others, his helium-voiced alter ego Quasimoto has been slightly more reclusive. After 2000's The Unseen, a few random singles and 2005's The Further Adventures of Lord Quas, Quas retreated, leaving his normal-voiced creator to seemingly produce 300 tracks a day on the regular.

Glorious day for Quas fans, though, as Madlib's label Stones Throw announced the June 18 release of Quas's third album Yessir Whatever, a collection of a dozen tracks recorded over a 12-year period. If the first single, "Planned Attack," is any indication, expect mid-90s boom-bap drums to sidle up against hypnotic 4/20-ready melodies.

As Stones Throw notes, "A few were released on rare & out-of-print vinyl, while a few others are previously unreleased, now mixed and mastered for the first time. Take two & pass."

Yessir Whatever Tracklist

1. Broad Factor
2. Seasons Change
3. The Front
4. Youngblood
5. Astronaut
6. Planned Attack
7. Brothers Can’t See Me
8. Catchin’ the Vibe
9. Am I Confused?
10. Sparkdala
11. Green Power
12. LAX to JFK