April 8, 2013


The Results Are In: What Was the Most Maddening Viral Video?

Update: The results have all been tallied through multiple complicated scientific processes, and the winner of our March Madness viral video bracket is "Oh My Dayum!" The autotuned remix won over America's hearts and won in a landslide.

Original post from the championship round:

It's been a long and winding road through this Viral Video March Madness bracket, but we've reached the holy grail at long last.

Check out the previous rounds of matchups!

This is the championship round. This is for all the marbles. This is for the pride and glory of being named the most maddening viral video of the last year.

After a close call in the Frustrating Four, the dubstep-singing bird has continued its magical Cinderella run through our bracket. We called the bird for comment on the situation, but it declined to do any press until after the tournament ended. We can't blame the bird in this situation - it was probably taking our Who's Your EDM Boyfriend? quiz to get its mind right for the final round.

Facing off squarely on the other side of the ring is the "Oh My Dayum" autotune. You all have fell in love with this cheeseburger-wielding champion of men, as this video has won handily in the last two rounds. But if there's one bird in America that can stop his bacon-loving dominance, it's the dubstep bird.

This should be a matchup for the ages. Only you can decide who prevails, so vote now! The voting will close at midnight EST on Sunday night, and the winner will be announced in an update of this article on Monday. 

Oh My Dayum vs. Bird Sings Dubstep

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Oh My Dayum
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