April 1, 2013


Viral Videos March Madness: The Frustrating Four Is Here

You've all made it this far. Now we're nearing the closing of our viral video March Madness bracket!

Check out the Steaming Sixteen and Exasperating Eight rounds!

In this week's Frustrating Four, we want you to really dissect these videos before casting your votes. Consider the art of a viral video. How infectious is it? How long does it stick with you after watching? How many people can you spam on Facebook with it?

An entire year of viral videos has led us to this very moment. Which videos will face off in the championship? Only you, the people, can decide. 

We've only got two matchups this week, so we've just listed them below. Make sure you vote soon - the poll will close at midnight on Wednesday night!

Bird Sings Dubstep vs. ICP Theater

ICP Theater
Bird Sings Dubstep
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This bird, man. Seriously, this bird. He (or she?) is an American hero of sorts. We will probably submit him for the Electronic Daisy Carnival this year, because clearly his (or her!) appeal is massive.

Meanwhile, we've got the guys from ICP watching and marveling at Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" music video. Truthfully, this is what the Internet was made for. 

Grandma Rack City vs. Oh My Dayum

Grandma Rack City
Oh My Dayum
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"Oh My Dayum" was by far the leading vote-getter in the last round, and has to be considered the favorite to take home the championship at this point. This video combines cheeseburgers, bacon and autotune...a mashup fit for kings.

We're surprised at the early success of "Grandma Rack City." This wasn't one of the more popular videos on our list in terms of views, but America has apparently fallen in love with the underdog here. Let's see if this Cinderella of a video can continue the upsets in this round. 

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