April 24, 2013


Mark Wahlberg Would (Maybe) Reunite With Funky Bunch for Boston

Barry King
Barry King

Marky Mark—excuse me, Mark Wahlberg—has never exactly been eager to race back behind the mic once he gave up the rapping thing for a highfalutin acting career. But the leader of the Funky Bunch recently told reporters that he would consider getting the gang back together for the sake of Boston. (!!!)

TMZ caught up with Wahlberg outside of a high school visit in Alexandria, VA, and asked the Boogie Nights actor about the possible reunion. Here's how the conversation went down. 

TMZ: Mark, would you ever do a once-in-a-lifetime concert for the victims of Boston as Marky Mark and the Fun Bunch?
Mark: Funky Bunch.
TMZ: Funky Bunch, sorry about that.
Mark: Why not?

We think that's your invitation to make this happen, people who make these things happen! (Just make sure you remember it's the Funky Bunch.) Let's get those good vibrations rolling, OK? Also, the underwear.

Feel it, feel it.