April 30, 2013


Method Man Criticizes Macklemore in Stupidest Beef Ever

Frazer Harrison
Frazer Harrison

Is this really happening?

Method Man is not happy with Macklemore. Why? Did the Seattle rapper insult Wu-Tang Clan? Was Meth bumped off some TV show so Mack could perform? No. It's even stupider than that. Way stupider.

See, Method Man claims to have "invented" the "crowd walk," a disingenuous phrase that involves performing while standing on the hands of select audience members eager enough to hold the rapper up. (There's not really any "walking" per se, but "crowd standing still" doesn't have the same ring to it.) You can see it here starting at 2:00.

So yeah. Looks cool, right? And a nice way to interact and get more intimate with your fans. No problem there.

But here comes ole move-stealing Macklemore, who has been known to do a similar thing at his shows, most notably at the mtvU Woodie Awards earlier this year.

This did not sit well with Method Man, who reasoned that, like Highlander, there can only be one rapper who stands atop fans' hands. And like Macklemore standing up for gay rights or Snoop Lion ripping Congress for inaction on gun control, Method Man realized his cause and ran with it onstage during a recent Denver show.

"I was watching MTV not too long ago and there was a rapper on stage. This mothaf-cka had a lot of energy and was really, really enjoying his performance. I think his name is Macklemore," Method Man told the Colorado crowd (via HipHopDX). "Don’t get me wrong, that mothaf-cka can rhyme, but as I’m watching his performance, I think this mothaf-cka [did something] that just pissed me off. He actually tried to walk on [the crowd]. I started that sh-t! That’s my sh-t!”

The nerve of Mackelmore to dare attempt a pretty tame and un-trademarkable move and dupe an unsuspecting crowd! I'm surprised that out of all the shows Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have performed, not one person has attempted to thwart this blatant move-jacking by yelling, "Hey, that's Meth's move!" and allowing the rapper to fracture his vertebrae on the cold, unforgiving floor below.

Like the unsure boyfriend who loves you, girl, but needs some space, Meth sent some mixed messages to the Denver crowd, who no doubt were still reeling from hearing about this crime.

"Don’t get me wrong," said Meth. "When Macklemore come to ya’ll city, ya’ll show him all the love that ya’ll show Red and Meth. But if that mothaf-cka tries to do my walk on the crowd thing, I want Denver, Colorado to drop his ass like a bad habit."

So yeah, Denver hip hop fans. Make sure you show Macklemore respect if you pay money to see one of his shows. But if he tries to share a moment with you past the standard performer/audience delineation, make sure he gets seriously injured.

The more you know.

Method Man Talks to Denver Crowd About Macklemore